<WhatIsMyIp.Host> (What is my IP)

One morning while eating muffins, we pondered the question, what is my ip address?

Did our ip address start with 1 or 2 or maybe even a 3? The conversation went on for a long time as we discussed the 4.29497 billion theoretical possibilities for our IP v 4 address, as well as the 340 undecillion possibilities for our IP v 6 address.

As time went on, we grew philosophical. We debated many existential questions: What was an IP address anyway? What about the TCP/IP protocol? What is a network? And how do I hide my ip address?

Many eons later, we had an epiphany. We'd setup a website where anyone could view their ip address, hostname, user agent and other useful technical information. And so began WhatIsMyIp.host. Welcome!

What Is My IP FaceP.S. A couple days ago, someone told us we had wasted our time. They claimed there were many other IP address websites on the internet. We told them to **** off.

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